About Istanbul

Useful Information

Registration Desk and Registration Package: The registration desk will be located at the entrance of the Pera Museum. Participants have to register online to receive their registration package. There is no charge for registration.

Name badge: All participants are required to wear their name badges during the conference.

Staff: There will be several staff members onsite during the whole event. All staff will speak English and Turkish and will wear name badges with a red stripe.

Language: The official language of the conference is English; there will be no simultaneous translation.

Speakers’ Ready Room: Speakers need to check-in and hand over their slides at least 3 hours before their presentation.

Internet Access: Wireless connection will be available at Pera Museum.

Weather: Istanbul is located in the region of transition between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea climates, in November the heat may vary during the day. Dressing with different layers will be most suitable.

Time: Turkey is 3 hours ahead of GMT: +8 hours for East Coast and +11 hours for West Coast.

Banking and Exhcange Facilities:

The Turkish currency is TL (Turkish Lira). The exchange rate as of October 9, 2019, was approximately:

5.83 TL = 1 USD
6.40 TL = 1 EUR

Currency can be freely bought and sold in hotels, banks and currency exchange offices (called “Döviz” in Turkish). All major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.